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Let It Be Beautiful (Fan Fiction)
Just let the past Just be the past And focused on things That are gonna make us laugh Take me as I am, not who I was I'll promise I'll be, the one that you can trust  Beautiful Readers
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Chapter 34’ Took you long enough



Here I was, sitting on the counter swinging my legs back and forth for no apparent reason at, I was dressed for bed and all but I wasn’t moving.

My hair was looking pretty good right now thought, it was silky smooth like a baby’s skin and what not. My bestie came through for me with this one!

But that is beside the point, it has been a full three days and Cash is walking around here like I’m not still waiting on my apology. I’ve been evil to him and he doesn’t even care anymore he shrugs off my meanness like it’s nothing.

I’m not cut out for this mean life, I just want to cuddle up in my hubby’s arms and fall asleep to the beat of his heart like I usually do but I want his ass to apologize at the same time.

Fuck my life.

I wanted my baby… but I want to kick him in face. How do I go from loving someone to wanting to kick them in the face in less than two seconds? The struggle is so real right now for me. Poor me.

When I heard footsteps coming I looked towards the kitchen entry and watched Cash as he strolled inside of the kitchen.

He looked at me and a smirk grazed his face. I don’t find shit funny nigga.

I looked into his eyes and I didn’t like what I saw. Though he was smiling there was this darkness that was lurking in his brown orbs.

He came and had the nerve to stand in front of me “You ready to give up this mean act?” he asked placing his hands on my thighs

The nerve!

I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

His hands slid up my thighs then pulled me to the edge of the counter “I know what you want me to do babe” he said

“Then do it” I said folding my arms

He took a deep breath like the overdramatic nigga he is “I’m sorry for the other day, I ain’t have no right to speak to like I did” he said

“And?” I said cocking my eyebrow

He sighed once again “And for having you walk around like a troll doll” he said trying to suppress the smile that was forming on his face

I rolled my eyes, nice choice of words Cassius.

“It took you long enough” I said

He chuckled “So you forgive me right baby?” he asked

I sucked in my right cheek before nodding “I guess so” I said shrugging

A smile finally formed on his face and before I knew it I was being lifted off the counter and carried to our room.

He works fast.

Once we were in front of our bed, he took off the long tank top I was wearing leaving me in only my knee-high socks and lightly pushed me onto the bed before stripping himself.

When finished he came and grabbed my ankles then put them on his shoulders. I held them there and crossed them behind his head. He moved closer to my slit. As his head got closer he traced small outlines with his fingertips across my pussy lips. It sent cool chills down my spine it felt so good.

When his soft lips made contact with my pussy lips. I wriggled a bit underneath him as he ran his tongue all over my slit. He licked all my juices up slowly. Then he flicked his tongue in and out of his mouth real fast. His tongue swirled all over my love button. My clit became erect with excitement. He slowly latched his mouth onto my clit and sucked on it. At first he sucked really lightly then he sucked really hard on it. I moaned really loud and kicked my legs lightly.

“Stop moving so much” he mumbled

I moaned so loud. I burst into a light of continuous orgasms. I came over and over again. My pussy spasmed and twitched as he hummed into it. It was too much pleasure for me to handle right now. I mean it was just about unbelievable. He gave clit one last lick making sure to add pressure when his barbell slid past it before pulling himself up.

He reached out the dresser drawer and grabbed a condom and ripped it open “You gotta get on the pill or something because I hate using these” he said sliding it down his dick

I rolled my eyes “Uh huh” I said

We had this conversation every other night.

He put the head to my opening and with a brutal push forward his dick was totally inside me. I tried to relax a bit because his dick was slightly hurting my pussy, you would of thought I would have been used to his size by now, nope. Eventually I got used to it and my muscles relaxed.

Then he pulled a fourth of it out and pushed back in slowly. He repeated these short strokes for about a minute or so. Then he pulled a little over half of it out and pushed it in a bit faster than before. He continued this pace for over 4 minutes.

He was playing right now and I wasn’t here for it “Cash” I dragged out

He dismissed me with a chuckle.

My pussy ached for more as he took his precious time fucking me. I thought he would never fuck me right boy was I wrong. All of a sudden he grabbed my hips and held on real tight and pulled out before I knew it and pushed back in so fast my head would swim. He repeated this continuously. My body was in pure ecstasy. It felt so good to me. It was ridiculous how wet I was, my juices were everywhere. My juices covered my inner thighs, his dick, and his thighs.

It was unbelievable how he was fucking me. I was in such a dazed state while he fucked me, in and out, faster and faster, slower then faster causing my pussy to ache with want.  I felt as if the world around me was slowly closing in on me. The pleasure was really intense. His dick slid quickly in and out of my pussy as if there was no tomorrow. Soon I came all over his dick. My pussy twitched continuously. Starting at my feet and slowly tracing through my body, warm waves of pleasure coursed through me until they made it to my breasts. Soon he pulled out of me and slammed back into me one last time.

I heard Cash moan softly and then I felt his warm cum fill the condom.

I giggled uncontrollably when he started placing sloppy kisses all over my chest.

Aw man I’m tired now.



Ok so I lied kind of lied. I had no intentions of apologizing to Scar until Mijo had brought to my attention that she was only gonna get worse until I apologized. Even though the apology was sincere, I didn’t figure out I had to apologize on my own; it hadn’t even crossed my mind to be honest. Scar doesn’t have to know that though, we could just keep that on the hush.

I’m not the type of nigga that apologizes to anyone no matter what I do but with Scar I always find myself apologizing when I do something.

I was glad I did it though because a nigga was going through withdrawals. I know it’s only been like three days but having Scar around and not being able to physically touch her makes it feel like three years.

I glanced back at her to see that she was still sleeping, she squirmed a bit but she never got up only turned on her side. I know I put in work if she still sleeping hours after I put it down. I turned away from her and stared at my reflection in the mirror across from the bed.

I didn’t like what I was seeing, my eyes looked somewhat dead. I should be happy because I was back in good terms with my baby but I wasn’t.

Scar was mad at me for just about three days but my mind was too clouded to make up with my baby because my anger towards her was so strong.

I was so mad that Moni had the nerve to step to me with an attitude like she wasn’t the person that singlehandedly tried to fuck my whole life up. The only good that came from her leaving me was that Scar came into my life.

Even though I didn’t want anything to do with her, I also wanted answers. I mean this girl had me contemplating suicide I think I deserve to know why she left in the first place.

The bed shifted, I watched in the mirror as Scar came behind me and loosely wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder.

“What are you still doing up?” she asked “Wait don’t answer that” she said

I chuckled lightly “The question is why are you still up?” I asked

It was going on one in the morning and Scar’s is never up this late unless she has to be or I get on my knees and beg her to stay up with me.

She shrugged “I couldn’t fall back asleep so I’m up” she said

“So you staying up with me right?” I asked

“I guess” she said

“Cool” I simply said my eyes focused back on myself in the mirror

We were quiet for a few moments but I felt Scar burning a hole in the side of my face “Why you looking at me like that?” I asked

She removed her arms from around my neck; got off the bed and pulled down my shirt that she was wearing before she sat on my lap “There’s something wrong with you” she said taking my face into her hands

I watched Scar as her eyes searched my face before her eyes locked with mines. From the slight change in her face I knew she saw the difference in my eyes “I’m fine” I said

“You’re lying” she said

I placed my hands on her thighs “I’m fine baby” I assured her by kissing her lips softly

“I love you Cassius” she mumbled against my lips

“I love you too babe” I said

I need to stop worrying about Moni because she’s once again fucking up my happiness.

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